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Knowledge is power and those who have found it, have in their possession a good thing. This is a mantra that it at the heart of Seekhain, helping people get knowledge from the experts. The educational portal connects teachers and students. It allows the students to benefit from the knowledge and expertise of the best teachers in Pakistan. At Seekhain, we fully understand the students’ needs. The portal brings the best teachers to help students, parents and institutions easily find a teacher who will serve their needs. We make their services available easily, conveniently and at an affordable cost

At Seekhain, we bring on board the best teachers, those who have specialized in given subjects. We promise you that you will get a teacher who can take you through a respective subject or course. We have a rich database containing the names and qualifications of teachers.

For teachers, the educational portal allows them to create their profiles as well as put in all their educational credentials; this is to allow those in need of their services to outright find the kind of teacher they are looking for. They create a course and set a price for the course; once they are verified, the student can book for a course.

We are here to cater for your needs, whether you are within Pakistan or outside the country. You have a chance to teach your children the Pakistan National Language, Urdu, as taught by those who speak and have a high understanding of the language. Using technology, you can conveniently learn the language and any other subject of interest. Have a teacher who will help you right at the comfort of your house.

With Seekhain online teaching courses, teachers can earn extra income, improve their knowledge and mentor others. For students, the online home tuition is a convenient way to acquire knowledge. It is a platform which allows the students to get the knowledge right in the comfort of their own homes.

We invite you to select courses and subjects; and easily find an experienced and highly knowledgeable teacher who will take you through a relaxed and convenient home tuition right in the comfort of your house or office.

About Seekhain

Seekhain.com is Pakistan’s Online Teachers’ Data bank designed to help your needs to find a Best Teacher possible in your vicinity, whether you are a Parent, a Student or an Institution; our website aims to bring on board Best Teachers from Pakistan and make their services available to You.

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