• 1) Is it allowed to subscribe to a Course via Seekhain even if I've a Teacher's profile?

    YES! You can also subscribe to various courses available on our website even if you a registered teacher at Seekhain.com

  • 2)Why do I need to submit copy of NIC and degree/certificate?

    This is required to prevent abuse of service which could be due to miscommitment carried out by Teacher, to disallow anyone creating a profile and registering as Teacher without having sufficient educational credentials.

    As a Student, it also reinforces Faith and Trust that the prospective Teaching Candidate has acquired relevant education, has in depth knowledge and is capable of imparting the knowledge of the subject in Student.

  • 3) If there is any conflict/dispute regarding Course or Fees then what should I do?

    If there’s any conflict between the Teacher and Student on the Fee, then Seekhain Management will collect the relevant data like Course Description, Fee Details, Change in Fee Structure, Time of Course Subscription and resolve the conflict between the two parties.
  • 4) Can I join any other Teaching Network to teach if I'm a registered Member of Seekhain.com?

    Yes! You’re allowed to join any other networks as long as you fulfill the commitments of your courses registered through Seekhain.
  • 5) Can I pay my fees to the teacher outside of Seekhain Payment Method?

    No. You must not make any monthly/subscription payment to Teacher directly as it will absolve Seekhain of any responsibility towards the subscribed Course. When you the Fee to Seekhain; it becomes the responsibility of Seekhain to ensure that all Financial transactions between the Teacher and Students are logged & carried out Smoothly.
    We keep a record of payments made by the Student to Seekhain & payments made to the Teacher by Seekhain therefore it avoids the likelihood of any Financial conflict.

  • 6) How a rating can benefit me if I'm a teacher or student?

    Ratings can be extremely important to your profile as a Teacher. If as a Teacher you have fulfilled your commitments and ensured that all courses is completed on time then you must ask your students to rank you upon your performance. Any teacher with a Higher rating attracts more students due to the credibility which is earned through his/her hardwork.
    Also, Seekhain.com will give concessions to Highly rated Teachers in Mark up which we will be withdrawing from Teacher.

  • 7) Can I register with more than one accounts?

    You can register, but we do not suggest having multiple accounts.
  • 8) Can I link a bank account with more than one profiles?

    Yes you can.
  • 9) What is Withdrawal procedure?

    When a student subscribes to the course, the payments needs to be made within 5 working days in case of Bank Transfer and immediate Payment in case of PayPal. Your subscribed Course will remain in Drafted status unless you make a payment and only after payment, teacher’s contact details can be shared with you.
    If you fail to make the payment within 5 working days; then your subscribed course will be automatically cancelled.

  • 10) When will I get my withdrawal amount?

    You can get your Withdrawal Amount after you’ve completed the course or after a month depending upong the charging pattern you have defined at the time of course creation.
    If you are charging an amount for an entire course then you’ll be provided with the amount after completion of entire course OR if you’re charging per month then you’ll be provided with the amount at the end of each month subject to Students’ Clearance for Completion.

  • 11) If I'm under 18 years and don't have NIC then what should I do to complete the process?

    We regret to inform that having valid NIC is the primary requirement of Seekhain.com and we won’t entertain any requests without valid NIC.

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